Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How to Create a PDF with Clickable Links to Chapters Using MS Word and OpenOffice

When you create reports and eBooks using Microsoft Word, chapter headings can become clickable links. This makes it possible for a reader to click a chapter heading in the table of contents and automatically get taken to that section of the book. However, if you create a PDF from your Word file, these links will not work unless you create it with Adobe Acrobat. Acrobat software carries a hefty price tag. A less expensive solution is to create your document in Microsoft Word and to create the PDF using free OpenOffice software.

  1. Create your report or eBook in Microsoft Word as usual. Give each section a chapter title.
  2. Assign a style to each chapter title. You have to highlight the title, click "styles," and then choose "heading 1." This will assign the "heading 1" style to your chapter title. Go through your document and assign the "heading 1" tag to each chapter title.
  3. Click where the table of contents will go. If you're using a version of Microsoft Word prior to 2007, choose "insert," "reference," then "index and tables." If you're using Microsoft Word 2007, choose "references" from the task bar and then choose "table of contents."
  4. Pick the desired table of contents style. Click the style and the table of contents appears on the page. The chapter headings in the table of contents should automatically link to the chapter headings in the document.
  5. To finalize your file, right-click on the table of contents and choose "update table." Doing this will update the page numbers in case any of the pages shifted. Save the file.
  6. Go to OpenOffice and open the program. Choose the option to create a new text document. However, you will not actually create a new document. Instead, when the blank document opens, chose "file" and "open." Open the file you created previously using Microsoft Word.
  7. To convert the Word document to a PDF, choose "file" and "export as PDF." Make sure the "tagged PDF" option is checked in the PDF Options dialogue box. Click "export." Give the PDF a name and save it.
  8. Open the PDF you just created. The chapter titles will be hyperlinked to the chapter headings.

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