Sunday, November 18, 2012

Room Rendering Opengl/Glut

I created a room in opengl without any walls. Just some tables with chairs around them and a vase on top of the table on a (sort of) random position. User can go full screen using F1 and move around (FPS camera) with wasd and arrow keys (arrow keys have the same functionality as the mouse). Texturing is a bit sloppy but I didn't have time to make it better. What is needed is just fixing the coordinates. Also all the textures are inside one jpeg image for less hard disk requests (faster coldstart). The textures are in a jpeg image and I use soil libraries for loading them. That's all I guess. Link for the source code is at the end of this post
I hope this is helpful for anyone who is a beginner with opengl/glut. Enjoy

Sharing of the code is not only allowed but obligatory. But keep in mind that I created this and just give me credit wherever you post it share it etc.

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